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School Fees


Byallawa Scheme

The Byallawa Scheme

Fees & Levies for 2018

Year Resource Fee
Activity Fee
Excursion Fee
P&F Levy Family Levy
School Fee Building Levy
7 $459 $459 $282 $45 $165 $2100 $783 $4293
8 $783 $381   $45 $165 $2100 $783 $4257
9 $723 $372 $282 $45 $165 $2331 $783 $4701
10 $723 $381   $45 $165 $2331 $783 $4428
11 $666 $171   $45 $165 $2976 $783 $4806
12 $471 $57 $270 $45 $165 $2976 $783 $4767


  • Sibling reduction applies for 2nd and consecutive children for School Fees.
  • The Building Levy, Family Levy and P & F Levy are family based fees and are billed to the eldest child in the family.
  • The Resource Fee and Activity Fee are per student. No sibling discount applies for these school based fees.
  • The Year 11 and 12 Activity Fee includes swimming and athletics carnivals and sundry examination costs.
  • The Year 7 Enrolment Fee of $300 has already been credited against the Resource Fee for 2018.

School Fees

These fees are set by, and collected on behalf of the Diocese of Parramatta and are passed on to the Catholic Education Office. Specifically, proceeds from these fees are directed towards supplementing Commonwealth and state grants, (which cover around 80% of the running costs of schools) for the payment of teachers’ salaries, as well as general running costs associated with the school and the administration of the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta. School Fees will be apportioned across Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Resource Fee

This fee helps meet the costs of administration of the school and the provision of resources for use by students and includes:

  • Paper, printing, stationery and mailing costs
  • School newsletter and other school publications
  • Resources/equipment acquired by the school for use by teachers and students (eg. Library, video network, various equipment and curriculum resources)
  • School diary for each student
  • Computer resources and internet access provided for use by the students
  • Provision of careers’ advice and resources to students
  • Implementation of school-based Pastoral Care programs for students
  • Careers’ Market attendance costs for all Year 10 & Year 12 students
  • Australasian Schools’ Competition costs for various subjects & year groups
  • Aquatic Program costs for all Year 7 & Year 9 students’ PDHPE course
  • Retreat for Year 10 students & RYDA/Pastoral Day for Year 11 students
  • Various subject workbooks and protective goggles
  • Combination locks for Year 7 students’ lockers
  • English text books for Years 7-10
  • Elective fees for Year 9 to 12

The Resource Fee will be apportioned across Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Diocesan Building Levy

This levy is paid by the first child attending a systemic school in the Diocese of Parramatta. It is collected on behalf of the Diocese of Parramatta and is paid directly into the Parramatta Diocesan School Building Levy Fund. This fund is used to support building projects for all schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. The Diocesan Building Levy is apportioned across Terms 1, 2 and 3 and is charged per family.

Please note that sibling reductions for the Building Levy only apply to those children attending Systemic Catholic Schools in the Dioceses of Parramatta, Sydney, Wollongong and Broken Bay and St Dominic’s at Kingswood.

Maintenance Fee

This fee is directed towards the costs associated with the general running, maintenance and development of the school campus. For example, it will contribute towards the cost of replacement classroom furniture and the acquisition of student lockers.

The Maintenance Fee is apportioned across Terms 1, 2 and 3 and is charged per family.

Sport Fee

This fee covers the costs associated with transporting students to and from various venues as well as the actual costs associated with individual sporting activities such as golf, tennis, squash, ten pin bowling, ice skating, indoor climbing, replacement of sporting equipment etc. It also covers costs associated with school swimming and athletics carnivals as well as sundry examination costs.

Parents and Friends’ Association Fundraising Levy

The Fundraising Levy is the sole means of fundraising for the Parents & Friends’ Association. The cost of the levy is $45 and is apportioned across Terms 1, 2 and 3. It is charged per family.

Retreats, Camps, Excursions, Incursions

Please note that costs associated with students attending subject excursions, retreats, pastoral days, school camps and other school-approved excursions, incursions for whole Year Groups have been included in the Fee Statement. However activities for smaller subject groups are additional to the fees already outlined.

Payment options

Payment can be made via the following means:

  • Cash – to be paid at front office
  • Cheque or Money Order – by mail or through payment at front office
  • Credit Card – payment at the front office or by phoning the school with credit card details
  • Debit Card – payment at the front office using EFTPOS
  • POSTbillpay or BPAY – payment as indicated on the statement.
  • Centrelink - payment deduction organised through the Business Manager.

When fees or other payments are sent via students, these should be sealed in an envelope, clearly marked with the student’s name, class and purpose of payment. This envelope should be deposited in the Fees Box located in the student foyer as soon as the student arrives at school. Excursion payments and notes should be handed to the teacher concerned.

Application can be made, to pay fees on an instalment basis. Requests for instalment payment arrangements must be first discussed with the College’s Business Manager.

If parents are experiencing difficulties (either of a temporary or continuing nature) in meeting their financial commitments with respect to school fees - they must contact Mr Cruise to arrange an interview with either him or the principal so that a mutually acceptable arrangement can be agreed upon. This matter will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

It is important that families either experiencing or expecting financial difficulty, please contact the school early in Term 1 or it will be taken that all fees will be paid by the due date.


Enquire about a scholarship

The Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund provides full or part scholarships to assist families in financial need who desire a Catholic education for their children, but for whom the cost is out of reach. Normal school enrolment criteria apply. Contact your local Catholic school to learn more or visit the Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund.

Can you make a donation?

Give the gift of education by making a donation to the Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund.
Your donation is a valuable investment in our children's future. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Further Information

For further information regarding school fees please contact the Administration Office.


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Contact Us

  • You can contact Bede Polding College on 4560 2900 weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or use the contact form below.


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The Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund
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