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Bede Polding College library is well equipped to support teaching and learning in the 21st century.

The library hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, assisting students who have limited access to technology and other information resources at home.

Students are issued with an ID card which is used to borrow from the library and they are encouraged to have this with them at all times.

Our large collection of fiction books and our extensive non-fiction collection include a variety of textual styles. Our information resources are supplemented by internet access PCs which are available through the library, outside of class times, and before and after school. We also provide online database access to journals and articles purchased by the diocese for student and staff use.

Text book hire is administered from the library for Years 7-10, with some texts also available to the senior years.

Overdue notices are issued to students regularly, to encourage the prompt return of the College library resources. Lost or damaged books need to be reported to library staff and may need to be paid for. Should a missing book be found within six months of payment to the College, a cheque refund may be provided.

The library personnel are qualified professionals with many years experience in assisting students with information enquiries and supporting the use and access to technologies available through the library.

Activities supported by the library include the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, student art displays, chess games, reading programs and other special events.


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