Student Learning Device Portal

Students are required to bring a learning device to Bede Polding College as part of their education. The approved devices are as follows;
Approved Devices & Operating Systems


  • Preferred Device - Apple Laptop - OS 10.12 or above

  • Approved Device - Google Chromebook - latest Chrome OS 4GB
      • Must be purchased through our preferred suppliers as they require a Google Management Console Licence.
  • Approved Device - Windows Laptop - Windows 10
  • Existing Apple iPads (excluding iPad Mini - OS 10.0 or above) - Students that started at The College before 2019 can continue to use existing iPads but new iPads should not be purchased as a learning device.
Please see links below for specific device requirements and preferred suppliers.


Requirements Check List 

Preferred Suppliers 

Microsoft Office 









While enrolled at Bede Polding

College students are eligible to 

download Office 365.


  • Only applies to Apple Macbooks and 
  • Windows 10 Laptop Computers.